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Feb 27, 2018

Minisode 4 (If Grant's Tomb Were in Ocean Grove): Jon and Erin recap their recent excursions into Victoriana.

Feb 20, 2018

Lithium Jubilee’s 28th episode deliberates on the aesthetic attributes of our past commanders in chief. Erin’s pick is handsome sad sack Franklin Pierce, who will only be remembered (if at all) for his looks, tragic personal life and turning the simmer of racial divide into a civil war. Jon reflects on Ulysses S....

Feb 13, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day jubilants! Join our celebration with a brand new episode all about love! Namely the love of anonymous, passive aggressive bullying and a love forever unrequited, because the object of your host's affection has been dead for 138 years.

Feb 6, 2018

Whether you're a dirigible parent who spends an excessive 90 minutes a day with your child, or a firm believer in the "let someone else do it" approach, the latest episode of Lithium Jubilee is chock full of useful advice for managing your pack of uppity street urchins.